Welcome by
Mr Adeyemi Akeju

Welcome Address

It is with immense delight that l welcome you to the official website of Ekiti Homes Agenda Ltd, an organisation set up with the primary objective of fulfilling His Excellency, Dr Kayode Fayemi’s promise of significantly reducing the housing deficit in Ekiti . The project aims to deliver approximately five thousand quality homes over the next five years, this singular bold initiative is expected to bolster the State’s economy through creation of employment and business opportunities.
It is estimated that over ten thousand people will be brought into employment within the entire value chain whilst a forecasted hundred and fifty businesses are expected to be setup every month over the next thirty two months. This initiative is bound to change the socio economic narrative in Ekiti State.

We are currently working on set timelines with the completion of our first phase between Sept/October 2020 whilst the second phase is projected to be completed in the first quarter of 2021.

As you go through our website, a great depth of information, highlighting salient points on the project and ways of participating will be available for you to appreciate.

Finally, l personally look forward to partnering with you as we work towards the realisation of a pleasant dream.

Adeyemi O Akeju

Managing Director
Ekiti Homes Agenda Ltd