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We offer Housing Solutions, Mortgaging options, Housing Investment advice etc. Our Housing project consist of the development of the following house sizes

Products (Property development):

Housing Solutions

Our focal objective at Ekiti Homes Agenda is to proffer sustainable solutions regarding the huge demand for quality housing in the entire Ekiti State. Our service is quite holistic as we consider very carefully all the variables associated with the provision of quality and affordable Homes in the State.

Mortgage options

You know longer need to be weighed down with the burden of an outright purchase; our in house mortgage team will quite promptly provide you with a detailed breakdown of a spread financial outlay over a set period based on relevant regulatory factors.

You can assess your monthly outlay based on your deposit and timescale by providing the requested information in our mortgage calculator

Housing Investment Advisers

At EHA, we will help fulfill not only your Dream of owning a property in Nigeria but also provide the investment opportunity designed to ultimately provide you with financial independence.

Our ROI forecast analysis takes key indices in the State into consideration and based on those market factors, we are able to provide you with estimated returns on your investments.